Opiate Treatment Centers In Louisiana

When individuals face opiate addictions, recovery often involves more than just stopping the use of the drug. Like other addictions, opiate addiction is a disease. However, unlike most other addictions, one may need the help of medication to overcome this problem. Opiate treatment centers in Louisiana can help individuals enter recovery and manage the symptoms of their addiction.

Opiate addiction makes changes in the chemistry of the brain. These changes can make managing one’s sobriety more difficult. Many have found medication management using methadone an effective means of managing their addiction.

Drug replacement therapy offers several advantages. Those who manage their opiate addiction through replacement therapy are more likely to operate within the bounds of the law and can eliminate many legal problems associated with illicit drug use.

They are less likely to share needles reducing their chances of HIV infection. They also reduce their chances of an accidental overdose. Finally, the replacement drug can reduce cravings, allowing the individual to be more successful at living without opiates.

Many opiate addicts find family therapy a key to successful recovery. The number of individuals who are successful in their recovery is greatly increased by taking part in counseling that involves the family. In many cases, it is considered a valuable part of the overall therapy plan.

Most opiate addicts need to participate in an aftercare program, such as a 12-step program. In these programs the individual finds others who suffer from similar addictions. The individual continues to learn to manage the symptoms of his or her addiction.

With proper management of one’s opiate addiction through opiate rehab centers in Louisiana, or even next door in Texas, Mississippi or Arkansas, one no longer has to live a life ruled by drugs. It is possible, with proper care and medication management to build meaningful relationships with the people who are most important in your life.

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